Laura’s married :)

When I was growing up, the highlight of my week was catching ABC’s “TGIF” Friday night line-up. My favorite part was watching nerdy but loyal Steve Urkel pine after the love of his life, Laura Winslow on the sitcom, “Family Matters.”  Although Steve’s advances of romance were continually spurned by Laura, by the series’ end, the two wound up getting married. 

Last month, the actress who played Laura, Kellie Williams, found real life romance. The story brought a smile to my face and made me a little nostalgic for my childhood days in the 90’s. I may have to put some “Family Matters” DVDs in my Netflix queue. 

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  1. >YAY I love TGIF and they don't make good sitcom's anymore so I guess I must satisfy my boredom through reality tv's superficial brain tease that is called entertainment and this wonderful blog I'm mad I'm just reading.

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