Trust yourself

She released a heavy sigh before she spoke. “I owe you guys an apology.”

My co-worker Amy and I listened to her, me stirring my cup of coffee and Amy sipping her water. Both of us with amused expressions on our faces.

“He wasn’t what I thought,” Rebecca said. “He is arrogant.”

We nodded our heads, smiling. “We told you!”

For the past few months, Rebecca had been trying to convince Amy and I to date another employee, Roy. Nearly every week, she would drop barely veiled hints about his attributes and availability. 

One day this past week, my desk phone rang. It was Rebecca.

Your husband is on the floor.

When I asked what she meant, she responded, “You’ll see what I mean in a minute.” A couple of minutes later, Roy comes by with my paystub.  

Whenever we would dismiss her reasoning, she would counter back, “You guys are going to miss a good thing.”

I hadn’t gotten a chance to converse with Amy about the whole situation. But I finally got the opportunity when I sat next to her at a company luncheon.

I leaned over to her and said in a hushed tone, “So has Rebecca been talking to you about…?” I trailed off and glanced at Roy, who was standing a few feet away. 

Amy followed my gaze. Her usual look of cool classiness was immediately replaced with pure disgust. “Oh my gosh! I was so insulted when she said that!”

“He is arrogant, am I right?”

“Yes! And with no reason to be! With his messed up hair!”

After the luncheon, both of us decided to pay Rebecca a visit where she apologized. She herself had a morning encounter with Roy that swiftly changed her opinion. I’m not sure what transpired but it must have been serious since there were no remnants of her matchmaking left. 

“He just seemed like such a good guy,” Rebecca stated, shaking her head. 

Happy that a date made in hell had been averted, Amy and I walked back to our desks, agreeing to meet for lunch soon. “We gotta come up with strategies so we can get married soon,” she said, half-jokingly. It’ll be interesting to see what we come up with :). 

Though I trust and often seek Rebecca’s wisdom and insight about faith, love, and all areas of life I haven’t gotten to yet, I wasn’t sure about her accuracy on this one. My gut, heart, and head were not drawn to this man. And it turns out I was right.  Lesson of the day: It’s always good to trust yourself.

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