Thank You

Sometimes, it just hits you. 

This morning, my co-worker, Diane,  walked into the office wearing a tear-stained face, her eyes tinged with red. When I asked if she was all right, she couldn’t speak. Her mouth opened but then twisted, as if her words suddenly spilled down her throat. She motioned for me to follow her into the ladies’ room. 

The glass door had barely closed behind me before she said in a hoarse whisper, “God is so good! He is so good!” During her morning drive into the city, she had begun to think about how much God has done for her in her life. As the list of things grew, so did her gratefulness, and tears of gratitude began to flow. From the little things like having a washer and dryer to the big things like transforming the behavior of her 9-year old son. “God just turned him around. There’s no way my son could have changed so without God in the mix.” 

Our conversation was interrupted when another co-worker, Rebecca, entered the restroom. When we told her what we were talking about, she praised God with us, saying,

Don’t try to understand the favor of God.  We will never be able to figure it out.

We can’t figure it out. Who knows why God loves us as much as He does? Who knows why He wakes us up every morning, provides for our every need, protects us as we travel treacherous roadways? All we can do is thank Him for it. 

Thank You, Jesus.

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