Whatever they were talking about had to be good. I heard Amy’s spirited alto and Bernard’s stubborn tenor going back and forth like a game of tennis.  As I got closer to Bernard’s desk, I heard, 

“It has to be a certain grade, a certain type.”

He wasn’t talking about meat. He wasn’t talking about a car. He was talking about hair. 

“He doesn’t date girls with natural hair,” explained Amy, her voice coated in disbelief. 

“No, it’s not that,” Bernard countered quickly. “But if it’s the dry coarse kind, then they have to straighten it.” 

His statement made me think.

 I wondered how many gorgeous and wonderful women he passed over because their hair coiled too much. 

I wondered how many of his girlfriends had hot combed their kinks into flat strands.  

And I really wondered, 

How much of yourself should you






  for someone else?

Physical appearance is inarguably one of the strongest factors in attraction. Both men and women savor pieces of eye candy that walk into their lines of sight. But I wonder how much of what we do to change our looks is for ourselves.

Is it more to catch eyes….?

Is it more to keep eyes….?  

Even our personalities can be affected by what our significant other thinks. Audacity is carved into meekness. Thoughtfulness is sharpened into selfishness. What’s loud becomes soft. What’s low becomes high. 

Soon, who you were is gone. 

Relationships can be catalysts for change. But sometimes, they can refashion a person into someone altogether new. 

Not better. 

Not worse. 

But different. 

Be sure that you can live with the difference. 

When the relationship is over, you’ll still have to live with you. 

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