Recently, I met up with a good friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. Over plates of crispy fried chicken and serenaded by a classic R & B mixtape, Beth filled me in on the parts of her life I missed: Weddings, births, school, the whole ball of wax. 

While I scrolled through her digital camera of captured moments, I paused at a picture of her nephew with his mother. She beamed as I marveled at how fast he grew. But when I asked about his mother’s relationship with Beth’s brother, she sighed. 

 “I think they moved too fast. By the time the baby came, he was trying to figure out if he even liked her at all. “

Strong words. 

True words. 

Sometimes, you can get so caught up with a pretty face and a seductive smile, thinking that such a person is going to be a tremendous addition to your heart. 

But though they look good…

though they smell good…

though theyfeel good…

when all that is gone, will I still like them? 

 Is there more to our relationship than what feels good to my senses?

Get clear eyes. Lust can be a consummate mask.

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