BFF (Part 2)

The sunlight stung my eyes as I gazed off in the distance, hoping to see Ebony’s car. 

She’s coming. 

We haven’t seen each other in a while so she has to come. 

We can never seem to meet up anymore. 

I hope we can become close again.

I hope she’s coming

Ebony had been my best friend for the past two years. Our friendship was intense. During that time, we leaned on and stuck with each other through much turmoil.

Cheating boyfriends. 

Hospital emergency rooms. 

Failed midterm exams. 


But, through one event, we were peeled away from each other. It was just for a little while, and I thought we could easily pick up where we left off. 

But when a season ends, there is nothing to pick up. 

In every relationship, in every friendship, people grow and mature and change. 

New interests are developed. 

Perspectives are broadened. 

Backbones are strengthened. 

Sharp tongues are made tender. 

And sometimes that old friendship becomes too small, too big, too too for the new you. 

Maybe that’s why God escorts friends in and out of our lives by durations. A person placed in your space to enrich and enhance your life but for a period of time.

Some for a lifetime. 

Some for a half-decade. 

A few friendships are made to last while others are meant to survive for a moment. 

The more I waited though, the more I realized that my moment with Ebony was ending. 
I rocked back and forth on my toes, curling my upper lip to block the pending tears. 

And it worked…until my phone rang. 

“Can’t make it….Sorry, maybe another time.”

Another time never came.