Great Expectations

This feels heavier than faith. 

Thicker than hope. 

Firmer than belief. 

I’m reclining on air with my feet crossed at the ankles, my hair nestled in the palms of my hands.

I’m jumping double dutch on the ocean while wearing chrome stilettos that grip the water like cement. 

I’m cartwheeling on quicksand without sinking. 

Without any fear of sinking. 

It’s more than faith. 

Closer to certainty.

For the past sixteen days, I’ve been listening to the rhythm of assurance that beats within me. 

It’s an inexplicable melody that only I can hear… for now. 

I look to heaven in amazement.



This year, I’m expecting something great. 
…”for You answer our prayers…”
-Psalm 65:2

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