There’s still time

The cry came suddenly. 

A cry that turned into untamed, pain-filled sobs. 

The sobbing soon became the loudest sound in the church, completely outdoing the soft playing gospel music. I, along with everyone else seated in the wooden pews, fell silent and agonized with her. Each moan of her sorrow cut to our hearts and caused our vision to blur. 

I watched Amy as she made her way to the casket to look at her father for the final time. I heard her sniff and softly weep as she gazed. 

It was such a sad scene to view so I closed my eyes to pray… 

And think…

About my own father…

I wonder how much longer he will be on this earth? 

Do I spend enough time with him? 

Does he really know how much I love him? 

About my family… 

When was the last time I told my mother how much she means to me? 

I don’t think my sister knows how much I care about her. 

My aunt is such a good woman. I don’t think I’ve ever told her that. 

About my friends… 

Naomi is always so supportive. I really appreciate her. 

Dylan is a wonderful friend. He’s always checking on me. 

Chrysanthemum truly is my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without her. 

I don’t want to say accolades that can no longer be heard. 

Or buy gifts that can’t be enjoyed.

Or give love that can’t be felt.  

I don’t want anything to be left unsaid when it’s time to say any final goodbyes. 

So I’m deciding to say everything, to do everything now

While there’s still time.


  1. >Jenesis, you paint a vivid picture of the goodbye. The one we never want to experience yet we know is inevitable. Because of your powerful use of words, I will take stock in relationships going forward. Thank you, Jenesis

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