There are moments in my singleness where I start to wander and wonder…

About where he is and where He is…

About if I expect too much…

About what would happen if I throw caution/wisdom/knowledge/conviction out the window and settle for whatever I can get…

But after that, I always come to the same conclusion: 

It’s best to wait. 

Last weekend, a friend sent this poem to me. This woman says it so much better than I ever could. 
Not saying that I want someone who can spit Scripture at a moment’s notice (’cause I can’t). 

Not saying that I’m the epitome of Proverbs 31 (I can’t even sew).

But someone who understands that Christ doesn’t come off like a coat you can’t wear anymore? 

Someone who’s running the same race I am and towards the same finish line I’m trying to get to?

Yes, I’ll take that.

Thank You Lord for the Monday morning encouragement.

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