BFF (Part 3)

“Tell me I’m wrong.”

Robin gripped the steering wheel as she spoke. Her lilac lidded eyes were narrowed as she focused on the road and awaited my answer. 

But I chewed on the lid of my coffee cup and kept silent.

“Come on. I’m waiting for you to tell me that I’m wrong for feeling this way. Tell me I’m wrong.” 

But I couldn’t tell her. Because she wasn’t. And,

“I would feel the exact same way.” 

Reassured in her feelings, Robin let out a sigh that sounded rough and weary.

We were on our way home from Lola’s birthday party. After months of planning, it had finally arrived. But it was anything but fun. 

Feet throbbing from standing for 6 hours in heels while serving food.
Fingers skinned from twisting plastic flowers.
Heads spinning from loud DJ music.
Wallets empty from expense… after expense…. after expense… after expense.
All while trying to keep a decade plus long friendship in tact.
It was sad to hear about Lola’s behavior. Robin had been venting to me about her rudeness throughout the party’s planning process.
Her unreasonableness.
Her ego.
Indeed, it was sad.
But not surprising.
In high school during a few brief moments, her mask cracked and through its crevices, I saw pieces of bad temper and egotism.

It was just a quick peek here or there. 

I saw it then. 

But Robin never did and thus was caught completely off guard.

It’s crazy how certain situations can shake the mask completely off and reveal what else is inside. 

And trigger new opinions about an old friend.

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