Evelyn was quiet for a moment.

I could tell she was mentally digging into her past, brushing off old encounters. 

And I could see memories lining her eyes. 

I saw pain pad her cheeks.

And I felt the icy sick atmosphere of regret fill the room as she exhaled. 

“I’m telling you this because I’ve been there.”

Her voice wasn’t soaked with her normal sunshined wisdom. 

It was coated with solemn experience. 

“Sex is not as simple as people want to believe it is.” 

In her younger days, Evelyn was far from loose. With candied yam colored skin and wide soulful eyes, she had no trouble getting attached.

But when it came to men, she was understandably discriminating. She didn’t have dreams of cavalier casanovas or l’amour de la journée

She wanted longevity, permanence. 

Someone whose heart for God and His will would be identical to hers. 

So she dated. 

Entertained a select few here. 

Dined with a select few there. 

Yet none of them captivated her. 

Until he came. 

And she fell. 


His tenor timbre tickled and dripped down her fingertips. 

His rugged swagger warmed her belly. 

His company soothed her heart. 

His very being was like moonshine. 

Intoxicating her past the point where control was an option and concern was a choice. 

Her grip was lost.

And a willing spirit lay defeated. 

But all remained well until things went south. 

The man exited.

And Evelyn was single again…but not really. 

She explained, 

“Physical intimacy is not just physical. It took me years to get over him because I was literally still tied to him. I could feel him even if he was miles away. He could even feel when I was upset. 
That is why God didn’t design us to do this carefreely. It was created with a lifelong bond in mind. 
Spirits become wrapped together.
Yours with his. His with yours.”
My soul tied to another’s. A knot that can’t easily be undone. 

Another lesson that’s making me think. 

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  1. >Jenesis, wow this is an amazing piece and I'm just so happy you wrote this. Thank you Jenesis I really need to read this. And your friend is so right because it isn't just physical intimacy connected to sex. I wish I could post this on my blog or post a link because this was so good. And THANK YOU.

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