All That

Everyone has an unwritten (or secretly written) list of attributes, features, and assets that attract them to the opposite sex. 

Some men like women with long legs. 

Some women drool over men with goatees. 

Some men are driven by women with pixie haircuts. 

Some women are captivated by men who can croon and vocalize with the best of them.

For me?

 I think I’m pretty easy. 

I have no real preference. I’ve found myself attracted to men who range in height, education, complexion, weight, vocal talent, etc. 

But one thing that I find attractive is something that I can’t compromise on. 

It’s a nonnegotiable. 

A must-have.

A deal-breaker.

A relationship with Christ.

Someone who won’t look confused when I ask him to pray for me.

Someone who places His will at the top of his daily To-Do list. 

Someone whose relationship with Christ is so important that he knows Him before he even meets me. 

Not a perfect Christian. Not a perfect man. But someone who has a real-life relationship with Jesus Christ. 

And because of this, I was told that I want too much. 

“You have to be willing to give chances.”
“Men aren’t as spiritual as we are.” 
“As long as he believes in God, he should be all right. “
“You can’t expect ‘all that’.”   
 The feedback was unexpected and dumped me into a sea of thoughts. 

Am I requesting too much?

Maybe because I’m not as familiar with relationships as they are, that’s too much to ask. 

But if I’m doing “all that”, why can’t he?

I felt alone. 

Like I was swimming against the current. 

Going against the grain. 

Hiking up a hill while everyone else was sliding down. 

But after shedding a few tears and praying about it, I came away with a measure of resolve and assurance. 

I shouldn’t apologize for desiring someone whose walk with God is in unison with mine. 

can expect all that. 

And will. 

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