BFF (Part 4)

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amy heading to my desk.

I couldn’t read her expression but, thanks to our barely minutes old conversation, I had a feeling why she was there.

“So…you don’t think he’s the one?”

The question hung in the air like a hot pink helium balloon. 

And I reluctantly held the pin that would deflate it.

I was thrilled when Amy began her new relationship. This guy was attentive, caring, and treated her well. 

He had quite the effect on her. 

Her sometimes caustic words grew fuzzy. Her eyes became round and bright whenever she spoke of him.

In slow motion, I saw her descend deep without a lifevest and no lifeguard on duty.

But as I listened…

As I watched…

And especially as I prayed…

I sensed something…not good.

Something other than peace.

Bits and pieces began to collect and formed a mosaic that made me weep.

As the relationship continued, so did the turmoil and turbulence in my spirit.

And I knew what it meant.

How do you tell a friend that the one she’s in love with may not His best?

That you see pain and tears on the horizon?

That her heart is being rented, not bought?

Is it a sucker punch that she will thank you for later?

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