The rhinestones on her veil twinkled as Natalie tiptoed onto the carpeted dais. The huge bridal mirror before her reflected her beauty three times before she turned to her wedding party for our say.

“You look so pretty!”

“That’s gorgeous!”

“He’s going to love you in that!”

She played with the veil and studied the gown’s detail before she went into the dressing room… for dress #8.

It had been a long afternoon.

The glow of beginning the search for a wedding dress was starting to dim and after dress #7, we needed to recharge.  We took the intermission to stretch, yawn, and adjust ourselves in the store’s uncomfortable folding chairs.

I took the break to go on a mission: Try on bridesmaid dress #3.

It’s only 3 dresses.

Not quite 27.

Only 3.

But when this year began, I never thought that I would be in 3 weddings, all within 6 months of each other.

And I never thought that, in addition to that, there would be 3 engagements before the first leaf fell for this year’s autumn.

And I never thought that such happy news could make me feel…

Wistfully curious.

Kissed with daze. 

Unsure and scared. 

What was the norm is now becoming what used to be. 

I can probably get that adjusted.

Brand new reasons will be the source of get-togethers.

I like these spaghetti straps.

My inner circle is being seated…

Let me take this dress to the register.

without me…

I don’t have my card. Let me give her cash.

…at tables for two.

Why did she give me back all of these coins?

But I’m behind them at a table for one.

                                                I don’t know what to do with all this change.


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