Tomorrow is Sunday

Without a single glance upward, I know that the sky is blue.

Without looking in a mirror, I know that I have two eyes, one nose and a set of braces-straight teeth.

Without taking a look at my birth certificate, I know where and when I was born.

Without a calendar, I know tomorrow is Sunday.

I know it because it’s true.

There can be no dispute about it.

I have absolute confidence that it is… what it is.

And what it will be…it will be.

I want faith like that.

Faith in all things, not some things.

Trust for all seasons, not some seasons.

 Security in every area, not just some areas.

I want and pray for faith like that.

Where I believe God the way I believe tomorrow is Sunday.


 O my people, trust in Him at all times.

-Psalm 62:8

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