Floating sunshine.

That’s how I felt the day after my fiancé proposed.

My feet didn’t touch the ground.

They levitated.

My heart didn’t beat.

It vibrated and fluttered.

My blood was gone.

Replaced with what felt like warm honey.

My heart pumped sweetness throughout my body.

Until all of my internal organs were coated in love.

I was floating sunshine.

And this floating sunshine began to move significantly.

When God moves us from one season of life to another, the transition is always compelling.

Like autumn trees discard their leaves before the ice of winter, in His omniscience, God prepares us for what’s ahead.

Growth happens in places that were thought to be matured.

Blind spots are given sight.

Love and effort become two sides of the same coin.

And discovery is inevitable and constant.

As Jesus draws the line between the former and the next, we experience the swings and pivots that come with His action.

It’s His grooming so that we can flourish and serve Him greater in our next position

Learning to let God train me for new territory

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